Fast, revolving and no cash interest. Get the funds you need to grow your business now and pay it back from new, loyal customers LTE delivers to you. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to expand, with thousands of products and services, LTE is the smartest way to increase your spending power without increasing your cash debt.

How do I sign up?

All business members may apply for an LTE Credit Line when they sign up for membership. LTE management will decide what credit line, if any, will be extended and reserves the right to extend, revoke, increase, or decrease credit lines at their discretion and without notice.

The amount of your credit line will be based on considerations such as our expectations for your LTE business within the network, market demand for your product or service, your trading history within the exchange, and your cash fee payment history. LTE may also (at our sole discretion) run a credit rating to determine credit worthiness before granting a LTE Credit Line for both new and current member accounts.

LTE also requires a signed Personal Guarantee to accompany each LTE Credit Line application. Members are permitted to spend up to but not exceed their line of credit. Contact LTE with questions regarding your credit line.

How do I use my LTE LOC?

Credit lines are a great way to meet your ongoing business needs while conserving vital cash flow. For example, you may need to complete a $10,000 print job as part of your new marketing campaign. Although you may not have yet accrued $10,000, you could use your LTE line of credit to purchase printing services through LTE saving your cash for other expenses. New sales generated from the newly completed marketing campaign can then be applied to that sale LTE line of credit all while generating new cash business as well!

There is not a monthly payment that needs to be paid to LTE, you just pay back the loan with the new customers that we send you each month.

What happens if my account carries a negative balance?

Accounts are permitted to carry a negative LTE balance up to their line of credit maximum. However, negative LTE balances are charged trade interest at a rate of 1.5% on the trade balance due per month (18% annually) Interest charges are paid in trade (not cash dollars) and are not a part of your cash fees.

Are LOC fees paid in cash of LTE dollars?

LTE Line of Credit fees are payable in LTE, not cash! Now isn’t that some great news! The monthly interest accrues at 1.5%. When we say we help businesses become more prosperous, we stand on that promise. Leave your cash in the bank and let your LTE dollars work for you!