Your business requires a barter exchange that adjusts to your needs while still protecting your assets. Welcome to Loyalty Trade Exchange. 

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A trade exchange can help you achieve your business goals

Increase cash flow

By using trade dollars, LTE helps our members attract new global customers and increase sales. This additional cash flow can be used for needs such as re-investing back into your company and other expenses.

Add more customers

Referrals and a solid reputation are critical to adding new customers, which is why trade exchange customers like our members prefer to do business with other trade exchange members. This gives you an advantage over your non-member competition.

Grow sales & profits

LTE markets your business to potential new customers all over the world. With each new LTE customer comes additional sales beyond your existing customer base. Increased sales numbers mean more revenue and higher profits.

What is Loyalty Trade Exchange?

Loyalty Trade Exchange is what’s commonly referred to as a barter exchange, but with many modern improvements. Based on how human civilizations have conducted business for thousands of years, LTE is a flexible and secure global network of member businesses who mutually profit from the trade of goods and services.

Secure Network and Currency

Our extensive network of members around the world uses the trade dollar (T$) as a universal electronic currency, which is recorded securely in the member’s trade account. Members use trade dollars to safely sell and purchase products and services to and from any members in the LTE barter exchange.

Do Business on a Global Scale

The opportunities of our worldwide network are key benefits of becoming an LTE member. Enjoy the flexibility of selling surplus stock to customers across the globe at top prices without having to discount. Let us help your business convert excess inventory or spare capacity into extra sales and increased revenue.


Your Opportunity Awaits
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